Shipping with furniture specialised carriers delivers mostly relying on furniture specialised freight carriers in order to guarantee a high standard of service and product integrity during shipping. Small packages or replacements parts may be delivered by ground service offering couriers.

Customers must authorise the shipment as soon as products are ready, they will receive soon after an email confirming that the order has been shipped. It will then be the carrier to call you on the phone (usually one day before delivery) to inform you of the day and approximate time of arrival (from Monday to Friday) and schedule a delivery.

Return Policy

If the item that you received is not what you expected or you are not satisfied with it for any other reason, you can return your purchase within 30 days of receipt.  You can exchange the item or receive a refund of your purchase price minus our shipping and handling costs.  Any upgraded shipping costs will not be refunded. 

If you purchased a product with free shipping, that shipping cost will be deducted from your refund.  Also, be aware that some items carry a restocking fee which will also be deducted from your refund. The Restocking fee depends on the manufacturer.

Once an order has shipped, it cannot be cancelled. If you refuse an order, it will then fall under our standard return policy that indicates that roundtrip shipping costs and possible restocking fee will be deducted from your refund.

All returned products must be in original condition and packaging; otherwise, additional charges may be applied.  Some manufacturers will not accept product returns. If a manufacturer will not take a product back, it will be clearly marked on the product's sale page. 

If a product has been assembled or modified, you cannot return the product.  If you have any questions about whether a product can be returned, please call us.

If My Order Arrives Damaged? makes sure the customer is 100% pleased. Our team ensures that orders are perfectly packaged to minimize room for damage, checked for the correct item and shipped on time.

Items are packaged in such a way that damage should not occur, however, if it does, we will replace or fix the damaged item if upon the arrival of your order you follow the instructions below:

  • Inspect all packages at the time of delivery BEFORE signing the receipt.
  • Please open Top of the box and inspect the item. If there is any damage, big or small, please note on the receipt before signing.

Things to look for:

  • If arrived with NO PALLET
  • Shrink wrap is torn
  • Any dents or crushed corners on box
  • Crack on counter top
  • Arrived with NO straps
  • Wet or dirty box

Be as picky as possible and note all damages or dents to box, it will only benefit you in case of damages inside the shipment.

  1. It is VERY important to write "Packaged Damaged" on the shipping form, even if the package is only slightly damaged, has small dents, crushed sides or corners.
  2. If the package looks like it is significantly damaged, you may refuse delivery. The damaged package will be returned to us and we will send you a new one. If you refuse delivery, please notify us so that we can expect the return shipment.
  3. If you are unable to inspect the package at the time of delivery please indicate any damages to the box no matter how minimal they may appear. This package has traveled from the factory to the warehouse and sometimes across the country to your destination and has made multiple stops in between. The box may seem intact, however due to vibrations as well as constant moving of the items with forklifts there is always a possibility of some "concealed" damage.
  4. As soon driver leaves, you must open the package and inspect your product for any damages. If you find any damages you have to report it to the shipping company by calling the phone number on the shipping form as well as contacting us within 3 days. It is critical report the issue within the following time frames so that a claim can be filed with the carrier. Failed to do so will not guarantee you a free replacement.
  5. To be on a safe save you can always write “Subject for inspection” on the shipping form and inspect the item as soon as possible but not later then in 2 days.

If you are holding your furniture and awaiting completion of a home improvement project, DO NOT WAIT to check your order, as we will not be able to assist you at that time.

The Bill of Lading is a binding contract, by signing it without proper notations means that the shipment was received in good order and condition. Without proper notations the carrier will deny any claims filed which may jeopardize our ability to send you a replacement free of charge.

Proper notation on the Bill of Lading is the only way we can file a claim with the freight carrier and receive compensation. This will allow us to process your refund, ship a new product, or fix it. We may ask you to e-mail or send us one or more photos that document the damage in case you did not refuse the shipment.

We reserve the right to repair or replace any piece of furniture. Most damage can easily be repaired to showroom quality. The decision to repair or replace the item will be at the discretion of If determines that repair is impractical, you will be offered a substitute unit of the same or similar color, design, style and quality.

If your item has a manufacturer's defect, we can either replace the defective part, or if necessary, the entire unit. We stand behind our products and maintain great relationships with our manufacturers. If you are having an issue, please contact us and we will make every effort to resolve it.

Restocking Fees

If you decide to return a product, you may be charged a restocking fee.  Most companies charge a restocking fee on all returned merchandise. Please contact us if you would like to know Restocking Fees for individual company.

Reasons for Restocking Fee:

  • Warehouse & Administrative costs associated with processing & handling a return.
  • Re-Boxing of merchandise.
  • Repair of packaging that is defaced with writing, marker or tape.
  • Products that have missing parts, instructions or packaging materials.
  • Torn or ripped manufacturer boxes.
  • Scratched or damaged merchandise.
  • Cost of putting merchandise back on the shelf and adding to inventory levels.

Cancelled Orders

You can cancel an order or change it anytime prior to shipment meaning that you've reached us while the item is still in a warehouse. Cancelled orders will receive a full refund. Cancellations that are made after your order has left our facility will be treated as a return.

When Parts are Missing or Incorrect

If you receive your package, but find there are parts missing or incorrect pieces included, contact us within 3 days of receipt of the package.  Describe to us the missing part and include any pictures that might help us in processing your request. In cases where common parts are missing or need replacement, it is likely we can quickly obtain a part in order to complete your item.  However, please note that due to our wide selection of furniture, it is impossible to keep all parts and items in stock all the time.  There are times replacements must be ordered directly from the manufacturer.  s.